Other Names for ENA: Food Grade Ethanol 96% or Ethanol 96% or Ethyl Alcohol or Potable Ethanol 96% 

HS CODE: 22071090

Extra Neutral alcohol (ENA) is food grade alcohol widely used in craft distilleries to cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Ethyl Alcohol (ENA) supplied by us is fermentation and distillation of Sugarcane molasses /Corn/Grain (Rice, Barley). We provide our customer various packing option as per their requirement. ENA supplied by us adhere to strict standards and is exported to various countries around the world. In addition to its use in the production of potable alcohol, ‘ENA’ is used as a reaction aid in the pharmaceutical industry and as a volatile carrier of flavour and fragrances.

CAS NO: 64-17-5 | MF: CH2 

We also supply Denatured Ethyl Alcohol , Rectified Spirit, Organic Alcohol & Industrial Alcohol
Cosmetic Grade Ethanol, Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol & Perfume Grade Ethanol are also supplied by us in accordance with the desired specifications of the client.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Spec sheet - ENA Molasses

Spec sheet - ENA Corn

Ethanol Contents
 96% v/v or above @ 20oC
 10 ppm
Acidity as Acetic Acid 
 10 ppm
Esters as ethyl acetate
≤ 5ppm
PP time (Permanganate reaction time (minutes))
45 minutes

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Flavour production
  • Preservatives
  • Vinegar production 

250 Liters Blue HDPE Drums

IBC Tanks

ISO Tanks


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