We supply Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) to many companies producing alcoholic beverage like whisky, Vodka, Gin etc. We specialize in different Ethanol from different raw material according to the requirement of our customers. We specialize in supplying Ethanol from Molasses (Sugarcane), Corn, Barley etc. We help deliver our customer distant flavours in beverage industry which can range from an existing blend or rapid development of a new one at reasonable price.

Our Products: Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)


Ethyl acetate(ETAC) due to its ease of use because of low toxicity is used as solvent in Ink industry. We equip Ethyl acetate to our customers in solvent industry for multiple uses. Other chemicals we provide to solvent industry are Industrial Alcohol, Acetone, Toluene.

Our Products: Ethyl Acetate | Acetone | Industrial Alcohol | Denatured Alcohol | Toluene


Our big chunk of customers comes from food and beverage industry and on many occasions, customers do want to have everything produced in one production line because of import restrictions by certain countries that includes manufacturing of Extra Neutral alcohol. So as a solution we provide molasses for fermentation and producing Alcohol to distilling companies manufacturing alcoholic beverages which makes their manufacturing unit into an integrated unit delivering finished product to the market.

Our Products: Molasses

Lighting & Solar Power

LED lighting has become a mainstay in commercial,industrial,Educational, and even residential, by providing complete lighting solution to our clients we are their one stop shop for regular or customized lighting. We provide complete LED light solution to many government and non-government companies in accordance to their requirement. Our products include street LED lights, LED Spot lights, Flood Lights Etc. When it comes to Solar energy, we provide Panel ranging from Mono to Polycrystalline and all in one LED light solution for areas where electrical wiring is a problem.

Our Product: LED Lights | Solar


With wide range of garments and apparels, our products range from Women clothing, Kids wear to scarfs. We procure existing designs from the market and also get the designs produced in accordance with our client’s specifications. We pay high regards to on time delivery and quality consistency.

Our Products: Scarfs | Garments


For Perfume industry we provide fragrance grade alcohol used in manufacturing of various perfumes.

Our Products: ENA | Rectified Spirit